Our Process and Steps

Idea Conceptualisation & Design development

As a strategy, innovation and design firm, we believe we have more than the firepower to rightly position your brand and pull the trigger for your shots.

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Corporate Notepad Diary

Ideas Generated Are Conceptualised.

Ideas generated are conceptualised. Clients are expected to participate I the concept development phase which comes with a fee.

Design Development

Three beautiful and compelling concept designs are submitted to the client
The concept designs will be in 2D digital illustrations
3D Visualisation of the approved concept designs are rendered which comes with a fee per rendered view

Prototype of the approved concept design is constructed

A prototype of the approved concept design is constructed. This phase is on request and comes with a fee, which part is refundable upon award and initiation of contract.

Production, Organisation and Supervision

A quotation following the requested specifications and requirements are sent to the client for approval and rollout.

What we believe

We understand our

clients and desired outcomes

Getting on board a project with a detailed understanding of the client’s brief and brainstorm sessions, the result always fires our creative juice up a notch. We are highly convinced that the execution of this project will further boost the confidence to stage you on the international level not in competition but as a stand-out

To begin your project