In response to the demand for unique and impactful branding solutions, developing a bespoke gift concepts for NEM Insurance and its esteemed clientele was exhilarating. Our team leveraged our expertise in design and innovation to create a collection of custom items aimed at leaving a lasting impression.

With a keen understanding of NEM Insurance's branding objectives, we set out to craft innovative calendar concepts and business card designs that seamlessly integrate functionality, aesthetic appeal, and the distinctive identity of the company. The result is a range of standout promotional materials that not only reflect the values and ethos of NEM Insurance but also captivate and engage its audience.

Portrait Wall Calendar

Our first calendar concept is a masterpiece of design that marries functionality with an elegant aesthetic. The portrait rectangle wall calendar features a sleek, contemporary design, with a die-cut section of the NEM logomark, providing NEM Insurance with an engaging calendar that can be mounted on office walls. With each turn of the month, the calendar offers a visual delight with striking imagery, professionally curated to reflect the essence of NEM Insurance's values and brand identity.

MEM Insurance Portrait Wall Calendar

Portrait Table Calendar

Complementing the wall calendar, the Portrait Rectangle Table Calendar is designed to offer functionality at arm's reach. Its compact size and refined aesthetic make it an ideal desk companion. This die-cut concept combines convenience with captivating visuals, ensuring that NEM Insurance's brand message is prominently displayed in a stylish and memorable way.

MEM Insurance Portrait Table Calendar

Landscape Table Calendar

The Landscape Rectangle Table Calendar is a refreshing twist on a traditional concept. With its wider format and intricate die-cut of a section of the logo, it provides ample space to showcase NEM Insurance's key messaging, captivating imagery, and brand identity. The sleek and contemporary design of this calendar concept seamlessly blends aesthetics and utility, making it an engaging addition to any workspace.

MEM Insurance Landscape Table Calendar

The Octagon shaped Wall Calendar

Our second calendar concept, the Octagon-Shaped Wall Calendar takes the brand's visual identity to new heights. The commanding presence of this calendar on office walls showcases NEM Insurance's commitment to standing out in a competitive market. With a die-cut section gotten from the outline of NEM Insurance’s logomark and each month expertly designed to capture attention, this concept combines functionality and artistic expression to create a unique and memorable experience.

MEM Insurance Octagon-shaped Wall Calendar

The Octagon shaped Table Calendar

Still, in the pursuit of innovation and distinctiveness, we developed the Octagon-Shaped Table Calendar concept. This unique calendar design transcends convention, featuring an octagonal shape that breaks away from traditional formats. The NEM Insurance logo, meticulously cut out on the first page, adds a touch of branding brilliance. This concept not only keeps users organized but also serves as an eye-catching piece of decor that reflects NEM Insurance's commitment to boldness and creativity.

MEM Insurance Octagon-shaped table Calendar

Translucent ID and Complimentary Cards

NEM Insurance Translucent ID Card sample

To make a lasting impression, we designed a Translucent ID card and a matching Complimentary Card. The translucent finish adds an element of intrigue, while the subtle visibility of the NEM Insurance logo beneath the surface reflects the brand's commitment to transparency and trust. These cards embody sophistication, leaving a memorable impression on clients and stakeholders.

NEM Insurance Translucent Business Card sample

Classic Lustre (with brushed textured effect) ID and Complimentary Cards

NEM Classic Lustre ID Cards sample

For a timeless and refined design, we created the Classic Lustre with a Brushed Textured Effect ID and Complimentary Card. The lustrous finish exudes professionalism, while the meticulously crafted brushed texture adds a touch of modernity. These cards represent NEM Insurance's commitment to blending heritage with innovation, making a strong statement about the brand's image and identity.

Classic Lustre (with brushed textured effect) Business Cards


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