Going on vacay-tion or business trip is like going on an adventure or getting the money in the bag respectively. Sometimes, the essence is to just get away from the routines of everyday life to experience new things like night time carnivals and beautiful sceneries. A welcome experience from any trip should feel just as special as the vacation. An abode far away from home such as Britannia Hotel and Suite, set about to deliver such experience to its customers.


Newly arrived, this beautifully designed hotel is a luxury home with class. Situated within the proximities of the busy Local and Internaitonal Airport, the hotel is ringed in the middle of a familiar competiton with hotels enveloped around it. We had our maiden meeting with the visioneer of Britannia Hotels and Suites at the inception of the building’s construction. From our discussion with him, we understood with clear visions that they were set in a class of their own and wanted to enhance their customers’ perception of their value, they needed to be intentional about their strategies to win the war of Hospitality Experience.

We were to develop a brand identity system, from logo design to space design.

Our Cr8tive Solution

With deep consumer insights and research conducted, we discovered some cogent points that will yield positively in positioning the brand above its hospitality counterparts.

Britannia is a symbolic name that has a representation of the former British icon of strength. As such, an identity that is as symbolic as its name and memorable at the heart of customers, was needed to be designed for the brand. We developed the full brand identity for Britannia Hotel and Suite.

We came up with several logo sketches that would best represent and position the brand before eventually shortlisting these three logo designs below. The Hotel management, after careful scrutiny, were satisfied with the iconic mark that repesented the Spartan helmet which signifies the strength and valor of the brand to oust it’s rivals from the hostpitality marketplace.

We developed a personalized smart card interface that connects the lightings with the doors all configured to run from check-in to check-out time; a stress free programmed service.

To further strengthen the perception of Britannia’s customers on our value, we created a Pick ‘n’ Drop Client Support Service where customers can place bookings and check in to rooms online without hassles, thereafter a chaffeur, courtesy Britannia Hotel & Suite, will be on standby for customers to board from their point of entry and also be available to navigate them to their departure.

The Space makeover wasn’t left out as the Reception was designed to embody an atmosphere that lights up the emotions of any customer that walks right in, with an exquisite bar that exudes soothing ambience and a chilling restaurant that spurs memorable experience for families and lovers.

The feedbacks we received from customers who lodge were overwhelming as the introduction of Britannia Hotel and Suite soon became a household name in the mouths of travellers. The experience yielded accolades of awards for exemplary service of Hospitality and Customer Service.

The Birth Of Britannia