Objective and Background

MTN is a leading telecommunications network that operates across multiple countries, providing mobile and data
services to millions of customers. As part of their commitment to innovation and creativity, our creative design agency
tasked ourselves to develop a bespoke diary that aligns with their brand values and stands out in the market.
The objective was to design and create a unique and customized threaded leather diary that reflects the brand identity
of MTN while providing functionality and elegance.


Our creative design agency took on the challenge of creating a diary for MTN Nigeria, a leading telecommunications company. The objective was to create a diary that aligns with MTN Nigeria’s brand identity and resonates with their target audience. We proposed a mustard yellow leather diary with small cutouts using laser cutting technology to showcase the keypad texts on the second page, this was to symbolize optimism and creativity. We also proposed a PVC cover notepad with their Iconic logo UV printed on the covers, symbolizing the company’s energy and enthusiasm.

MTN yello Notepad


Creating a notepad that captures the essence of MTN while incorporating intricate design elements and functional features posed
several challenges. It was crucial to strike the right balance between aesthetics and usability, ensuring that the final product would
be both visually appealing and practical for everyday use.

MTN yello Notepad

Design Concept:

Our team brainstormed extensively, drawing inspiration from MTN’s vibrant brand colors and iconic logo. After careful consideration,
we proposed a striking yellow notepad with PVC covers, symbolizing the company’s energy and enthusiasm, we ended up
exploring more ideas on PVC covers.

MTN yello Notepad
MTN yello Notepad


MTN Yello Notepad

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